FRC Strategy

BEST DEFENSE STRATEGY – FRC 2019 Destination Deep Space

4 months ago

A robot is knocked over as it is climbing to level 3 of the hab platform at the FNC District Guilford County Event in qualification

TE Session – Strategic Decisions – Alliance Selection

10 months ago

Trevor Davidson of G3 Robotics makes the first presentation in our series for FRC Strategy – Choosing the Exacta: Statistics-Driven Alliance Selection. You can find

FRC Breakdowns Helping Hand Strategy Midwest Regional F3 2018

12 months ago

Josh from FRC2338 Gear it Forward breaks down the Helping Hand strategy from the 2018 Midwest Regional. Thank you to Robosports Network for their replay

FRC Season-Long Strategy

1 year ago

FIRST Robotics ILITE team 1885 members team up with mentors to present Season-Long Strategies in FRC.

RI3D 2018 FIRST FRC Power Up Strategy Video

2 years ago

Team WPI attacks the FIRST FRC Power Up game by analyzing the manual, and bringing all the interesting facts to you via a 10 minute

Spartan Series/ Scouting Management and Strategy – Jocelyn Baird

2 years ago

FRC team #971, Spartan Robotics, hosted a series of educational seminars in the summer of 2017. This is one of the sessions. // Jocelyn covers

Bloodborne – FRC Lower Loran – BL4 Loran Darkbeast AI loop cheese/strategy

2 years ago

That AI loop I discovered truly paid off. Guide: I’m a passionate gamer, but I rarely stream or share content of my own, mostly

FRC 3739 Oakbotics Meeting 1 (Strategy and Building)

2 years ago

My first “vlog”-ish video. Filmed using the iPhone 6 // Edited on Final Cut Pro X Music:

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